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Green zone residents can do own flu paperwork

November 30, 2007

Horse owners in New South Wales equine influenza green zone can issue themselves a Travelling Horse Statement when they need to move their horse, the state's deputy chief veterinary officer Ian Roth has announced.

"A Travelling Horse Statement is required for each and every movement of a horse within the NSW green zone, other than those within a single property," said Mr Roth.

"This includes trail riding across multiple properties or riding to a nearby neighbour on the road."

The form can be accessed online at Those without internet access can phone the disease hotline on 1800 675 888 and have a form sent out to them.

The filled out form must carried with them on their journey.

"The self-issuing system has been working well in the western and southern parts of the state that have been in the green zone since September."

The new green zone extends along the Queensland border east from Moree and down the north coast to Taree, and includes most of the Coonamble, Walgett, Warren and Shoalhaven local government areas. Maps are available on the DPI website or people can call 1800 675 888.

There is a small section around Woodenbong, north of Kyogle that remains in the amber zone, creating a buffer against high risk properties in Queensland.

Mr Roth said the information supplied on the THS form was stored in the NSW DPI database to help trace movements in the unlikely event that EI is detected in the area.

He said horse events can go ahead in the green zone if they are registered on the DPI's website with 48 hours notice, and organisers provide details of the horses attending.

"The rezoning that occurred this week is welcome news for all sectors of the horse industry because it signals a return to normality in these areas," Mr Roth said.

"However, this doesn't mean that people in the green zone are free to move their horses to the amber, red and purple zones or interstate - permits are required for these movements from your Rural Lands Protection Board.

He said horses from the amber, red or purple zones can not enter the green zone. Horses may move into the green zone from another State or Territory, except from Queensland, where a permit is required.

Mr Roth said the co-operation of all horses owners was still required to successfully rid EI from Australia.

"It's important that people abide by the rules, maintain their bio-security, and don't assume that they are free to move anywhere without checking the DPI website or phoning the disease hotline."



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