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Equine Flu update from Dr Ron Glanville (DPI&F)

November 14, 2007

by Dr Ron Glanville,
Chief Veterinary Officer
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries

Green Zone critical for successful eradication

If we are to succeed in eradicating equine influenza (EI) it is critical that the Green Zone remains free of infection.

This is very important in the lead-up to Christmas when we may be relaxing some movement restrictions in the Red Zone.

The rate of infection in the Red Zone continues to fall, but we cannot be complacent - all horse owners in all parts of Queensland need to do the right thing.

DPI&F is urging all horse owners in the Green Zone to register the location of their horses, complete waybills if moving a horse, plan appropriate biosecurity for equestrian events and report any sick horses.


Continued biosecurity and decontamination of horse equipment are critical in the Red Zone and for anyone visiting the Green Zone.

People in the Green Zone should not be complacent and must maintain high biosecurity standards.

EI is highly contagious and the most likely way the disease could be transmitted to the Green Zone would be on someone's clothing, footwear or equipment.

Horse owners should:

Anyone coming in contact with horses (including farriers, equine dentists and chiropractors, horse strappers, vets and other animal carers) should: Observe all horse movement conditions and restrictions:

Horse owners in the GREEN ZONE can:

Sporting events in the GREEN ZONE:

Droving and mustering in the GREEN ZONE:

Report sick horses

It is still a legal requirement to report any sick horses with runny noses, sneezing, coughing and elevated temperatures immediately to your local veterinarian or to the DPI&F on 13 25 23.

Horse premises registration

All horse properties in ALL parts of Queensland must register on the DPI&F website. This is a legal requirement under the Stock Identification Regulation 2005.



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