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South Australia horse clubs urged to push for support

November 8, 2007

South Australian horse owners are being urged to take action over a state government decision to refuse aid to horses organisations affected by the equine flu outbreak.

South Australia remains free of the virus, but Horse South Australia executive officers Julie Fiedler has criticised the government's decision.

"The South Australian Government has determined that there is not enough 'cause' to provide any compensation funds for not-for-profit horse organisations who have cancelled or postponed events in a supportive effort to help keep equine influenza out of South Australia," she says.

"Horse SA is strongly encouraging all horse clubs and peak bodies to write to the state government."

She says Horse SA has tried to lobby on behalf of industry for an injection of funds but has had little response.

She says the Department for Trade and Economic Development responded has conducted a series of business contingency planning workshops.

"This is gratefully received, but does not fully recognise the great difficulties faced by clubs and events in helping keep equine influenza out of South Australia."

Fiedler pointed to state government funding in other states that have escaped the flu outbreak, which include public aware campaigns, support for not-for-profit horse organisations that cancelled events, increased surveillance, diagnostic equipment, and improved compliance for border control.

She urged horse owners involved in clubs and organisations to write to Agriculture Minister Rory McEwen, 51 Gray Street, Mount Gambier 5290; rmail; with a copy to Dr Duncan McFetridge, email; and another to Horse SA at



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