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EI outbreak in China same strain as Australia's

November 7, 2007

Up to 130,000 horses in China are said to be susceptible to an outbreak of equine influenza - the first in the nation since 1994.

Details of the outbreak, centred around Xinjiang, have been reported to the World Organisation for Animal Health.

The report from China's national chief veterinary officer, Jia Youling, said Virus A subtype H3N8 had been identified in laboratory testing.

It is the same strain which is currently affecting New South Wales and Queensland.

The outbreak began on October 9 and has so far affected 5515 horses.

The report said horses were under threat of the disease in Altay, Burqin, Fuhai, Fuyun, Jemnay and Qinghe.

Quarantining and zoning have been implemented, Mr Youling said, and authorities were screening horses, disinfecting properties and "dipping and spraying" as part of containment efforts.

The outbreak is in the north-west of the country.



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