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Why NZ says no to equine flu vaccine

October 15, 2007

Decontamination of horse floats, at Richmond.

Rolling out equine flu vaccine in New Zealand would be costly, would confer only temporary immunity, and would make its containment harder if the disease was introduced.

It would cost an estimated $NZ30 million in the first year alone and about 84,000 horses would need to be inoculated for the programme to be effective.

These were key conclusions in a recent presentation made to representatives of the New Zealand horse industry in the wake of the equine flu outbreak in New Zealand.

The presentation was put together by the New Zealand Equine Health Association and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and was first presented to horse industry officials at the headquarters of the New Zealand Racing Board.

It has also been screened twice on television's trackside channel.

The presentation centres around a Powerpoint presentation. However, the summary that follows here is considered a fair reflection of the contents of the presentation.

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