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Locked-down horse people honing management skills

October 1, 2007

A resting patient at Morgan Park, Warwick, during the EI emergency.
Photo: Julian Willmore

by Siobhan Lapthorne, EFA

About 100 people remain at Morgan Park in Warwick to care for the 250 eventing horses quarantined with Equine Influenza, and in an effort to make constructive use of their time there, many are learning more about horse care with the Equestrian Federation of Australia's Introductory Horse Management course free of charge.

The Queensland government has declared a state of emergency for the site, and mobilised various government services to support the mini-community of "Morgantown" that has formed at the site.

Along with classrooms and resources for school children, the adults and children alike are taking the opportunity with EFA NCAS Coach Educator Melanie Wilson to complete the EFA Introductory Horse Management certificate.

The EFA National Office has provided 30 Introductory Horse Management workbooks. Equestrian Queensland has also provided 10 Equestrian Skills-branded inter-schools programme workbooks for school-age children at the venue.

With the careful care and monitoring required for the sick horses, these candidates will be experts at monitoring their horse's temperature, heath and condition. They are able to call on the expert veterinary team at the venue for advice as they study and are supported by EFA Coaches and other experienced competitors in lockdown at the venue.

The EFA Introductory Horse Management certificate is one of three modules of the EFA NCAS Introductory Coach qualification.

The horses and caregivers have been under lockdown since late August. It is understood the official quarantine period ends this week, but there is no formal word on when the horses and their owners can return home.



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