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Aust riders in NZ face new procedures to halt equine flu

September 7, 2007

Stable employees in the racing industry coming to New Zealand from Australia are now subject to new procedures when entering the country.

After discussions between the NZ Equine Health Association (NZEHA), MAF Biosecurity NZ (MAFBNZ) and Australian authorities, New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) has established several conditions for riders and those involved in stables who come to New Zealand to ride or work.

Those affected who have ridden or worked with a horse in Australia, must notify MAFBNZ of their contact with horses at the time of arrival into New Zealand. Where possible a written confirmation is to be obtained that an inspection, in accordance with MAFBNZ requirements, was conducted at the border.

If they intend to ride trackwork or in a race or trial, they must notify the stipendiary stewards or racecourse inspectors immediately upon arrival.

If the person has ridden or worked with a horse in Australia, they must present themselves to the stewards or racecourse inspectors to have all their riding gear inspected immediately upon arrival. The rider's gear must have been thoroughly cleaned by washing with soapy water or with standard detergents or a disinfectant.



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