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Pony Club joins fight against equine flu spread

August 29, 2007

Equine flu Q & A

The Pony Club Association of New South Wales is joining the fight to contain the spread of the Equine Influenza virus.

NSWPCA Executive Director Jenny Amadio said the association is keeping its members informed through regular website updates and telephone communications.

"We have spoken to all the Zones across the State and all pony club events have been cancelled for the coming weekend," she said.

"Although this maybe an inconvenience at the moment, the current indefinite ban on the movement of horses, donkeys and mules in NSW is a lot better the potential long term devastation that may occur," said Mrs Amadio.

"We have members in all the restricted areas, and we feel for those affected. But we ask all members and the equestrian community to adhere to the directives of the NSW DPI to keep their horses wherever they are currently situated and do not attempt to move them even if they are showing no signs," she added.



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