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Huge penalties for breaching equine flu movement control areas

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The Department of Primary Industries in Australia's New South Wales will impose harsh penalties on people who move their horses within a restricted area during the equine flu crisis.

NSW Chief Veterinary Officer Bruce Christie said moving any horses within a restricted area without first obtaining a permit could lead to a fine of up to $A44,000 and up to 12 months imprisonment.

"Moving any equine animal into, out of, or within the 10 kilometre restricted areas around Centennial Park and the Eastern Creek quarantine facility is prohibited unless a permit is obtained prior to movement," Dr Christie said.

"The remainder of New South Wales is now a declared control area, which means movement restrictions apply throughout the state and there are severe penalties for any breaches of movement restrictions without a permit in the control area.

"Movement restrictions also apply to the movement of any equine products within the state."

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