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Horse slaughter injunction denied in district court

July 15, 2007

US District Court Judge Frederick Kapala ruled in favor of America's horses when he denied a motion for an injunction brought by Cavel International in an emergency hearing. The DeKalb, Illinois-based horse slaughter plant was seeking permission to continue killing horses, pending an appeal in the Seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Immediately following the passage in May of a new Illinois law that makes it a crime to slaughter horses for human consumption, Cavel had filed suit in federal court to challenge the mandate's enforceability. In early June, Judge Kapala granted Cavel a temporary restraining order, preventing the state from prosecuting the slaughterhouse under the law. He subsequently extended that protection for 10 business days, then later denied Cavel's request for additional time.

On Friday Judge Kapala denied the plant's motion from the bench, explaining that he did not believe Cavel has a likelihood of success in its appeal in the Seventh Circuit. The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) argued its position on the record as the only amicus curiae in attendance.

"We are pleased with this latest victory in Illinois," said AWI Legal Associate Tracy Silverman. "No matter how long Cavel keeps pressing to continue slaughtering horses for human consumption, there is no denying that a permanent end to the cruel practice is on its way."

AWI is being represented in this matter by the nationally renowned law firm of Patton Boggs.



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