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Miracle foal is named

May 7, 2007

Miracle foal Twist of Fate.
A foal who cheated death twice while his mother was being trucked to slaughter has been officially named in an on-line competition.

The colt's name is Twist of Fate, or "Twister" for short.

Twister was born to Mama, a thoroughbred mare who was pregnant and bound for the slaughterhouse when she was rescued from a horrific tractor trailer accident last September in the United States.

The double-deck truck and trailer overturned on Interstate 44 in Missouri, in an accident that cost 17 horses their lives.

A team from the Humane Society of Missouri's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch arrived at the scene to rescue the surviving horses.

They were taken to the ranch for treatment and recuperation. It transpires that three were pregnant, but only Mama managed to carry her foal to full term.

Twenty-five horses have been cared for at the ranch, and most are now available for adoption. Three, however, are not. Mama, along with Willie and Liberty, are set to become Barn Buddy Animal Ambassadors to help the ranch tell the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption story of Longmeadow.

The staff at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is continuing to care for Twister and all of the other horses from the trailer accident.



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