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Barbaro no longer under wraps

December 15, 2006

Reporting by Alex Brown

Barbaro is getting used to less coverage on his legs, with the removal of bandages from his broken right hind leg.

He is coping well, and has a new special glue-on shoe on his right hind hoof, and is still bandaged on his laminitic leg. The shoe is designed to provide additional support and includes an extended heel. Barbaro is taken out for a walk every day, and also grazes when the conditions permit.

Barbaro's progress was reported at a press conference at Penn's George D. Widener Hospital.

Breyer, the model horse makers, presented the hospital with a cheque for $114,710 for The Barbaro Fund. The donation was based on the total amount of models sold, plus $10 for each model.

Barbaro's vet Dr. Dean Richardson said that while the horse has a long way to go, "we have come a fair distance."

He said it was possible that Barbaro would be ready to leave New Bolton in the near future. His weight is currently at 1132lb, and while it tends to fluctuate, he is eating well, and his coat looks beautiful.

Gretchen and Roy Jackson, Barbaro's owners, were also at the press conference. They visit Barbaro twice daily.



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