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Barbaro recovering slowly but surely

September 13, 2006

Barbaro and Dr Richardson.

Photo: Sabina Louise Pierce/University of Pennsylvania

Improvement in Barbaro is slow but steady, say vets at Penn's George D. Widener Hospital.

"We are pleased with his progress," said Dr. Dean Richardson, Chief of Surgery, said of the Kentucky Derby winner.

"He is wearing the cast on his right hind limb well; we continue to monitor it closely, and we expect to change the cast and radiograph the leg within the next seven to 10 days."

In addition, Barbaro continues to stand comfortably on his laminitic left hind foot.

"The left hind foot is progressing well, especially as it grows down from the coronary band," said Dr. Richardson.

"However, we remain cautious, because Barbaro will still need several more months of healing before we’ll know how well the overall hoof structure can be restored."

Barbaro continues to be hand-grazed daily, and his vital signs and appetite are excellent.

Barbaro remains in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Pennsylvania’s George D. Widener Hospital, where he is recovering from injuries suffered at the Preakness on May 20.



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