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Barbaro the model patient

July 26, 2006

Barbaro in his sling.

Photos: Sabina Louise Pierce/University of Pennsylvania

Barbaro is being the model patient - and showing plenty of patience too - as he recovers from his injuries in the intensive care unit at the George D. Widener Hospital.

Chief of Surgery Dean Richardson said Barbaro had an uneventful weekend, and continues to be comfortable.

"He's maintaining an excellent attitude," Dr Richardson said.

"We change his left hind foot cast regularly, and we may change his right hind cast some time this week."

Barbaro spends several hours daily in a sling. "He is out of the sling overnight because he is very smart about lying down and sleeping," said Dr. Richardson.

"He continues to eat a diet designed to maximize protein and caloric intake, and his body condition is good for a horse that has had (and is having) his problems. His diet includes a selection of the best quality hay."



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