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Barbaro hanging in there

July 15, 2006

Barbaro, photographed yesterday, resting in his sling in the ICU.
Sabina Louise Pierce/University of Pennsylvania

Barbaro is stable after drastic measures to treat the laminitis he developed in his good back foot over the past few days.

"His vital signs, including heart rate and pulse, remain good," said Dr. Dean Richardson, Chief of Surgery. "We are treating his laminitis aggressively and he continues to respond well and is acceptably comfortable."

The laminitis was revealed at a press conference on Thursday (US Eastern time). It is a severe, painful condition in horses that can be fatal.

"As I said at the press conference on Thursday, we monitor his condition very closely because signs can change quickly," said Dr. Richardson.

"However, it's important to remember that Barbaro's treatment could easily continue for several weeks, and if all goes well, even months. Our goal is to keep him as comfortable as possible, and clearly that comfort level will be a major indicator for our treatment decisions."

Dr. Richardson also emphasized that Barbaro, as evident in footage and still photos released yesterday, has a very positive attitude.

Yesterday, Barbaro was out of his sling for more than 12 hours, and had a restful night, sleeping on his side for more than four hours.

Barbaro is in the Intensive Care Unit of the George D. Widener Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center.


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