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Doctors change Barbaro's cast

June 15, 2006

Dr. David Levine and Dr. Liberty Getman cover Barbaro's cast before his bath. His cast was replaced yesterday.
Photo: Sabina Louise Pierce/University of Pennsylvania
Yesterday Chief of Surgery Dean W. Richardson replaced the cast that had been on Barbaro's hind leg since surgery on May 21.

"His leg looks excellent," said Dr. Richardson.

"The incision has healed well and judging by the radiographs, the graft is opacifying ("taking"). Callus is forming nicely, and all of the implants (plate and screws) look unchanged."

The cast was replaced under general anesthesia, and Barbaro had a very smooth pool recovery.

Barbaro, winner of the Kentucky Derby, continues to please veterinarians at the George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals. Barbaro is recovering from a shattered hind leg sustained at the Preakness, and he remains in intensive care at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's New Bolton Center.


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