Webinar: Understanding aggression in horses

Equine ethologist Renate Larssen will look at the challenging topic of aggression in horses, why horses may become aggressive, and how to manage such behaviours.
Why are some horses aggressive and what can be done about it? © World Horse Welfare

Equine ethologist Renate Larssen MSc will talk about the challenging topic of aggression in horses in the next free Welfare Wednesday Webinar from World Horse Welfare.

Larssen, an ethologist specialised in equine behaviour, will explain equine aggression, explore why horses may become aggressive, and then consider what we can do about managing such behaviours. Along the way, she will dispel common myths about equine aggression and talk through some case studies.

As part of this topic Larssen will look at the evolutionary advantage of aggression in horses, the difference between purpose and cause, how emotions drive behaviour, and introduce the Equine Ladder of Aggression.

Larssen combines research with public outreach and behavioural consultancy work, and has a special interest in rehabilitating severe aggression cases.

» Register for “Understanding Aggression in Horses”, on November 15 at 7pm (GMT). The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session where viewers will have the chance to “ask the experts” any questions they may have. The webinar can also be viewed as a Facebook Live session.

The Welfare Wednesdays Webinar series bridges the gap between current research, experts and horse owners.Previous webinars have covered subjects such as keeping horses fit, weight management, euthanasia, biosecurity, horse mental wellbeing and travelling. They are all available to watch on the World Horse Welfare Advice Pages.

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