Podcast: Inside story on colic in horses


Valuable information about colic, a common and critical concern for equids, is being revealed in the latest “Fresh Scoop” podcast from the Morris Animal Foundation.

In the podcast, Dr Kelly Diehl, Senior Director of Science Communications at Morris Animal Foundation, sits down with Dr Sharanne Raidal, Professor of Equine Medicine at Charles Sturt University in Australia.

Raidal provides the latest insights on preventing, diagnosing and treating colic, with a special focus on empowering owners with the knowledge to safeguard their horses’ well-being.

“Sometimes even other conditions such as tying up or pleuropneumonia and even laminitis will present in such a way that they can confuse or be suggestive of colic,” Raidal says.

“And then sometimes owners will even use the word colic for want of a better word when the horse just ain’t doing right. So, it can be very broad. We do just have to keep in mind that the pain could be due to any other organ in the abdominal cavity and sometimes even to other conditions.”

Fresh Scoop is a monthly veterinary science podcast curated by the Morris Animal Foundation for practicing veterinarians, veterinary technicians and students, as well as animal-loving science geeks. Episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher, as well as the Foundation’s podcast page.

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