Course on trailer safety a must for horse owners


The second offering of Equine Guelph’s new online course on Horse Trailer Safety is running over two weeks from November 20.

The course, aimed at anyone who owns a trailer or is thinking of buying one, is being led by Dr Rebecca Husted, an internationally sought-after speaker on Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue.

Emergency preparedness and best practices in safety before each trailer outing will be covered. It will also look at preventative maintenance and regular inspections that can extend the life of a trailer as well as improve safety.

Husted edited and wrote the only textbook available to the fire service and veterinarians on the technical rescue of large animals, and several chapters in major veterinary books on similar subjects.

The first offering of the course in March earned the praise of participants. One Canadian horse owner said: “There is always something new to learn about horses, and that includes hauling them. The exceptionally detailed annual trailer inspection list provides assurance of a mechanic’s competency, saving the conscientious owner thousands of dollars, not to mention ‘unplanned events’ on the road, in one case with which I’m familiar. Every segment of the course was just as detailed. Built around the safest practices, the course will always be up to date and helpful.”

Another described the course content and real-life scenario discussions as “nothing short of phenomenal”.

“It really did feel as close to being in a classroom as anything online could have. What a fantastic course — so many excellent resources to take away. Course management, instruction, content and pace were just perfect. Fabulous rare opportunity to have instruction from industry experts Rebecca Husted and Kevan Garecki.”

Another said: “The information is on point, presented in an easy-to-follow format and is engaging. The quality of the instruction was outstanding. Anyone who owns horses and transports them has the responsibility to learn all they can about trailering safety for both their equine partner as well as all the other people who share the road.”

Husted said hauling horses was a serious responsibility. “Due diligence is required to make sure your set-up is safe and emergency preparedness is essential. This course will ensure you know how to effectively check your own rig.”

Equine Guelph is offering a “BOGO” for the course; buy the online course and get a free course coupon for a friend.

Course registration costs between $C80 and $95; access is available until December 31, 2023.

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