Video series looks at “a good life” for competition horses


A new three-part video series on providing a good life for horses has been launched by the US Equestrian Federation.

The USEF Learning Center series is fronted by US Olympian David O’Connor, Chief of Sport for US Equestrian.

The first video gives an overview of social license, what it means, and how important it is for horse sports to be understood and accepted by the public as a positive experience for horses.

In the second video, O’Connor explains how to create a good life for horses during competition and training.

In the third video, O’Connor shares how to ensure horses live a great life outside of competition. By demonstrating compassion and an understanding of horses’ mental and physical needs, we can ensure our horses live their best lives and that equestrian sport is sustainable and understood by the general public for years to come.

To view the full content, a USEF account is required; USEF Fan Accounts are free.

O’Connor represented the USA for 20 years as a rider, earning individual gold and team bronze medals in eventing at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics and a team silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. O’Connor joined the USEF team in his current role in October 2022.

He is responsible for working with the executive team on the overall international and national sport support of the Strategic Plan initiatives including sport integrity, education, and equine and human safety and welfare. Additionally, he provides oversight of the international and national sport operations, ensuring that the sport department’s short-term and long-term strategic plans align with USEF’s priorities.

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