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The world of horse breeding is a fascinating and complex one, and few individuals are better suited to offer guidance and insights than Jeanette Gower.

Gower’s new book, The Thinking Horse Breeder – A comprehensive guide to successful horse breeding, is a must-read for anyone interested in horse breeding, from those starting up to experienced breeders.

Gower has been involved in the horse breeding industry for more than 50 years and has a wealth of knowledge to share. The extensively illustrated book offers a comprehensive guide to the art and science of horse breeding, covering everything from choosing the right stallion to handling and evaluating foals, breaking in, care, modern breeding techniques, and principles of selection. She discusses the financial considerations of running a stud and also shares her thoughts on the importance of responsible breeding practices.

“I write from my 50 years experience as a respected breeder of Australian Stock Horses across the nation,” Gower said. “However, this book is for all breeders, whether starting out, a hobby breeder, or a larger stud, regardless of breed or country. Novice breeders will learn how to make their dreams a reality and established breeders will be able to fine-tune and benefit from its messages, sometimes provocative, but always with the horses in mind.”

Gower, the author of the acclaimed Horse Colour Explained, said her new book has been written “with passion and from the heart”.

The Thinking Horse Breeder, by Jeanette Gower.
The Thinking Horse Breeder, by Jeanette Gower.

She said the book is more than just a how-to guide, and offers practical advice for anyone looking to breed better horses.

“It takes readers on a journey, as if they have a mentor beside then, exploring the responsibilities of what makes a thinking horse breeder, and giving readers the science, art and tools for success,” Gower said.

Gower’s book reflects her deep love for horses and her passion for the art and science of breeding. Through personal experience, she shares the joys and challenges in an easy-to-read style, offering a glimpse into the world of the passionate and dedicated breeders who make it their life’s work.

Photographs throughout support the practical tips and advice, making it an essential resource for breeders of all levels.

Early reviews of The Thinking Horse Breeder, which launches on June 30, describe the book as a “thought-provoking information source”. Lipizzaner breeder Katherine Evans, of Halado Park, said it “allows a new breeder the freedom to do things their own way, while encouraging them to think, plan and to make informed decisions on how to create their own successful breeding operation”.

Australian Stock Horse breeder Kelsey Stafford, from Tarrawonga Stud, said the financial section was “eye-opening”.

“If only I’d had that advice before me when I first started out! For those of us not blessed in this area, it is a priceless take on how to start up and not flounder in a sea of debt and unnecessary expenses but instead, begin to break even or possibly make a profit over many years.”

Pleasure horse owner and trainer Julie Webb says The Thinking Horse Breeder is a book every breeder and potential breeder should own.

“One of the most unusual things about The Thinking Horse Breeder is the data Gower shares about her own successful stud farm. How many horses a year does she breed? How many have died, and why? This brings home some of the heartrending situations breeders must deal with,” Webb said.

“To geld or not to geld, to keep a stallion or buy services, and the merits of live breeding and artificial insemination are other topics The Thinking Horse Breeder delves into. Gower makes it clear that keeping a stallion is not for everyone. She also offers suggestions for managing a stallion if you choose to do so.”

• The Thinking Horse Breeder, from Platypus Publishing is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK. 252pp; ISBN-10:‎ 1959555480, ISBN-13: 978-1959555483. Signed copies are available direct from the author.  Contact Jeanette Gower, or phone 0433 196 705.

Back cover of The Thinking Horse Breeder, by Jeanette Gower.


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