Equine trivia sought for new book on little-known horse facts

“You don't know what you don't know until you do”: Equine contributions invited for “Who Knew? Fun Facts & Why it Matters”.
Photo by Nikita Voloshyn 

What’s your favourite little-known fact about horses? Do you know why horses can sleep standing up? Did you know they don’t have a gall bladder?

Horse nuts are being asked to send in their interesting horse facts to be compiled into an e-book in an initiative between Equine Guelph and Equine Connection, a Canadian-based academy that offers a global certification course in Equine Assisted Learning.

It is part of an online educational initiative “Who Knew? Fun Facts & Why it Matters”. As Equine Connection founder Kari Fulmek says: “You don’t know what you don’t know until you do”.

All contributions sent in for the e-book will be fact-checked by Equine Guelph before distribution. It is aiming to be a resource filled with fun and cool facts for instructors, riding camps and all equestrians with inquiring minds.

Equine Guelph director Gayle Ecker said horses share some things similar to humans, but there are important differences. “When we know about those differences and why they are like that, we are in a better position to care for their unique needs and promote good health and welfare.”

Equine Guelph is celebrating its 20th anniversary of providing evidence-based education through online courses for horse caregivers, and Fulmek said Equine Connection was excited to be joining forces with the equine branch of the University of Guelph, and proud to bring fun and educational opportunities to the horse-loving world. “This fun book of facts and why they matter will benefit all horse lovers – both new and experienced.”

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