Free bit fitting webinar aims to help horses


A recent webinar on fitting horse bits presented by Pony Club Australia busted a few myths for horse and pony owners.

Over the span of nearly an hour and a half, accredited Bit Bank bit fitter Fiona Dearing from Bit Right Equine Bit Fitting shared information from her many years of experience in the field, and answers viewers’ questions.

During the webinar, Dearing tells viewers how to measure the mouth of a horse, which bits are legal for use, and reveals her favourite bit of the hundreds available.

Dearing has been a riding coach for the last 15 years and a Harness Racing Victoria life after racing program re-trainer for the last five.

A passionate advocate for confident horse and riders who recognises the key role well-fitting and well-crafted bits play, Dearing says every horse from pleasure to high-level competition should be afforded well-fitted tack.

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