Latest therapies on offer at World Champs’ horse “wellness area”

Canada's Ryan Torkkeli with Sternenwanderer in the “NC Horse Trainer Wellness Area”.
Canada’s Ryan Torkkeli with Sternenwanderer in the “NC Horse Trainer Wellness Area”. © Herning2022

The 1200 horses at this weekend’s FEI World Championship in Herning have a “wellness area” including a spa, water treadmills, and a vibration floor to enjoy during the event.

The 600 sqm wellness area is close to the stables and training arenas, and four experienced aqua trainers will be ready to help riders and grooms to achieve the optimal treatment for their horses.

There are also areas for horses to graze and have a good roll.

The comfort and well-being of the horses is a special focus area during the event in Denmark. Nicole Christiansen from NC Horse Wellness and Norman Nielsen from Horse-Trainer have partnered to offer this service during Herning2022.

Among the equipment for training and rehabilitation at the “NC Horse Trainer Wellness Area” is the newest version of the Horse-Trainer Water in which the horses can train in cooled-down water with air pressure. This water treadmill allows horses to be exercised at walk speeds, in any height of water up to around shoulder height.

There are also two spas with cooled-down water with Epsom salts and air pressure, and two “Relax” vibration floors to help the horses rehabilitate by speeding up the release of lactic acids.

The Wellness Area also offers a modern, high-tech bio energetic scan using photo biomodulation and infrared light. This solution is called Equusir Best-Box and Nicole Christiansen is the only therapist in Denmark to use this.

“The machine measures and analyses cell communication in the horse’s body and locates any blockage. Then we treat using light therapy. Next, we do a follow-up scan to see how the horse has reacted to the treatment and to track the improvement in the cell communication which will start a self-healing after the therapy,” Christiansen said.

The four aqua trainers will be at Herning2022 for the duration of the event, and in the case of an emergency, injured horses can use the spa outside the usual opening hours of 8am to 8pm.

The FEI World Championship in Jumping, Dressage, Para-Dressage, and Vaulting runs from August 6 to 14. It will be the largest equestrian event ever on Danish soil.

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