Wild horse summit seeks reform of mustang management

Two Onaqui mustangs share a moment before their peace was shattered by a helicopter roundup. © Craig C Downer / July 3, 2021

An Equine Collaborative Wild Horse Solutions Summit is aiming to find a way to restore the USA’s beleaguered wild horses and burros to their appropriate and legal habitats.

Presenters include wildlife ecologist Craig Downer, a long-time advocate for wild horses in the US, who says that with helicopter roundups scheduled to begin on July 1, the need for the reform of America’s wild horse and burro program is urgent.

He said that there were 20,000 or so wild horses and burros “scheduled for elimination”.

“If carried out, this would very probably send these remnant populations into a decline and demise.”

Downer recently published a research article “The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act: Subverted Over Fifty Years“.

“America’s wild horse and burro program is now in dire straits, especially the mustang and burro herds that are supposed to be wild and free, naturally living and thriving presences in their respected habitats on federal lands,” Downer writes.

» Join the Equine Collaborative Wild Horse Solutions Summit, on June 22 at 4pm.
(Meeting ID: 826 2309 9651; Passcode HORSE)


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