Icelandic horses send work emails in new promotional gig

The horses are trained in corporate buzzwords. Photo: Visit Iceland
The horses are experienced in corporate buzzwords. Photo: Visit Iceland

Icelandic horses “trained in corporate buzzwords” are stepping up to send work emails in a fun promotion for Icelandic tourism.

Its OutHorse Your Email service is designed to let travellers to the island switch off and take an uninterrupted trip by letting the horses’ hooves do the talking.

A recent global study by promotional organisation Visit Iceland found that 41% of people on holiday check work emails up to four times a day while holidaying, while 14% check them even more.

The tourism body is encouraging tourists to disconnect and enjoy their Iceland holiday, which gave rise to its quirky OutHorse Your Email service. It is hailing it as a world-first email response system.

A giant horse-sized keyboard was manufactured, on which Icelandic horses have trotted out a few pithy responses for work emails.

“Nothing ruins your vacation like work. Thankfully Iceland has created the perfect solution,” its promotional video declares. “A revolutionary service where icelandic horses write real out-of-office replies so you can relax.

“They are trained in corporate buzzwords. Your boss will never know the difference. Outhorse your inbox and free up your vacation.”

The head of Visit Iceland, Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, said the nation wants visitors to fully experience the country’s breathtaking environment and unique culture.

He hopes the world-first service offered by the horses will encourage people to disconnect and take a well-deserved, uninterrupted break.

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