Unique horse app aims to be “everything Icelandic”

The new HorseDay app helps owners care for their horses more efficiently, and can also analyse all five Icelandic Horse gaits.
The new HorseDay app helps owners care for their horses more efficiently, and can also analyse all five Icelandic Horse gaits. © HorseDay

A new tool to connect and assist owners of Icelandic Horses around the world is being launched at the breed’s Championship show in Iceland this week.

The HorseDay mobile app includes the ability to analyse the walk, trot and canter of a horse, but is unique in that it can also analyse the two extra gaits of the Icelandic Horse, the tölt and flying pace. It is the first tool to be able to do this, its developers say, and it also incorporates GPS tracking of rides and training sessions.

They intend the app to become the centre for the community around the Icelandic horse worldwide whilst offering numerous benefits for the owners and the horses themselves. It has a direct connection to the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations (FEIF) register, WorldFengur. When a profile is set up for a horse the information is acquired through WorldFengur, thereby ensuring its accuracy.

HorseDay is being unveiled at the last event of the 2022 Icelandic Horse Champions League, on April 8.

The idea for the app came about in an Icelandic stable where the daily handling of a horse was recorded on a whiteboard, including its exercise, training, horseshoeing, dental care, medication, feeding and more. But when the whiteboard was wiped clean, all of the data was lost.

HorseDay co-founder Ólafur H. Einarsson, who is also a horse breeder, said the idea was to make horse care more efficient.

“We have managed to develop something new that solves the needs of horse owners in a fun and practical way. All of us who are involved with the start-up love the Icelandic horse and are enthusiasts, riders, breeders, and professionals from the genre that realised this was just what was needed.”

“Across the world, we know there is a lot of passion for the Icelandic horse breed, and we realised that we could make it a lot easier for people to care for their horses,” Einarsson said.

Einarsson has developed the app with the support of his son, Oddur Ólafsson, whom he said “left a good position in banking” to take over as CEO for HorseDay.

Ólafsson said that more features will be unveiled over the coming months as development continues. “We intend to be the leading app for the Icelandic horse in Iceland as well as in the world. Our current client base is growing fast which makes us confident we will reach the goal of becoming the social centre of everything to do with the Icelandic horse.”

Ólafsson said the gait analysis tool, which was developed with the assistance of Hólar University in Iceland, was “revolutionary for the equestrian world” and would allow horses to be trained more effectively. He said the University of Iceland will be reviewing the scientific data produced by the gait analysis tool.

HorseDay has been supported by the Icelandic Technology Development fund (Tækniþróunarsjóður), the Icelandic Preservation Fund for the Icelandic Horse (Stofnverndarsjóður íslenska hestakynsins) and the South Iceland Development fund (Uppbyggingarsjóður Suðurlands).

HorseDay will soon be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, with monthly or yearly subscriptions.


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