New electronic queue for Ukraine horse evacuations

Aid being delivered to a stable in Sumy. Stables and riding clubs in the region of Sumy Oblast, and Bitytsya, Stetskivka and Miropyllya received aid from the foundation.
Supplies have been delivered to several stables in the province of Sumy Oblast, as well as Bitytsya, Stetskivka and Miropyllya. © UEFCF

A new electronic system for equine evacuations from Ukraine has been developed with the aim of streamlining the procedure of getting horses away from war zones.

Created by the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation (UEFCF), the electronic queue enables horse owners to register for collection, with evacuation trips for horses to be made from Kiev, Dnipro and Odessa to the temporary stables in Lviv. All is free of charge, thanks to the donations received by the foundation.

Horse trucks are being filled according to the queue, and an owner can have four horses in the queue at a time.

The foundation has continued its supply runs in Ukraine in recent days, providing feed, bedding and supplies to the Ukraine equestrian community including to the hippodrome at Lviv where 300 horses are staying.

There is also a new application for Ukrainians to register their requests for supplies and aid. The UEFCF has created a Chatbot called “Horse Gum Bot”, which collects all the information needed to distribute humanitarian aid by region. Users answer 10 questions including the location of the stable, the number of horses and their most urgent needs. The chatbot will automatically pass the collected information to the UEFCF team. When the supplies are scheduled to arrive in the area, UEFCF volunteers will contact those who have applied for aid, so they can collect it.

Russian troops pulled out of Sumy in north-east Ukraine on April 4, and several stables and equestrian clubs have just received aid. The town had been under siege since February 24.

The federation’s local chairman, Mykola Ivanovych Alifanov, picked up supplies and delivered them to Sumy. “For the equestrians of Sumy the situation is very difficult and unstable, people are scared and desperate,” the UEFCF said.

“The aid received gives the people a little more confidence and hope for the future.”

How to help

Donations of hay or haylage, compound feed, and shavings are required, in bags up to 20kg. When making a donation please notify the foundation so logistics can be arranged. This information is used to plan supply runs.

Donations can also be made by bank transfer or by PayPal.

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