Huge donation of hard feed helps rescued horses through hard times

All the thoroughbreds were lean going in to winter. They're now enjoying extra hard feed thanks to Baileys.
All the thoroughbreds were lean going into winter. They’re now enjoying extra hard feed thanks to Baileys. © World Horse Welfare

The herd of 15 thoroughbred mares who were rescued after being abandoned in Devon late last year is among those to receive extra rations to aid in their recovery, thanks to a horse feed company.

The horses were rescued by World Horse Welfare last year from a site in Devon where they had been left following an eviction. Seven of the mares from this group went to Hall Farm, the charity’s Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Norfolk, where they have been turned out in a field for a few months to settle and decompress. Feeding is a key part of their recovery process and helping malnourished horses to regain weight and condition has to be done carefully and gradually.

They are making excellent progress thanks to careful feeding and healthcare, with the added support of Baileys Horse Feeds, which has provided hard feed for 300 horses under the care of World Horse Welfare’s rescue and rehoming centres.

Hall Farm Centre Manager Sue Hodgkins said staff had been working gently with the mares since they arrived, and was thankful for the support of Baileys. “These Thoroughbred mares are a fantastic example of how hard feeds can be used alongside good quality forage, such as grass and hay, to help horses who need to gain weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

“They really enjoy their feeds, and feed time also offers a wonderful opportunity for the grooms to bond with the horses and start to get them used to being handled,” Hodgkins said.

“As we approach spring and their weight improves, some are ready to begin the next step of their journeys towards rehabilitation.”

When a horse or pony is taken to one of World Horse Welfare’s Rescue and Rehoming Centres it is just the beginning of a lengthy and expensive process, with each horse being carefully looked after, assessed and rehabilitated by the charity for many months before becoming ready to rehome.

Baileys Horse Feeds Business Development Manager Graham Rice said the company was proud to support the charity in its efforts to rehabilitate a variety of horses. “We’re really looking forward to seeing how these Thoroughbreds progress.”

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