British veterinarians rally to send supplies to Ukraine

Protesters in a Ukraine street last week.
Protesters in a Ukraine street last week. Photo by Jimmy Liao

A second-generation Ukrainian veterinarian in Britain has set up a group to organise the transport of medical supplies to the war-torn country.

Manchester RSPCA veterinarian Dr Antonina Babchuk started the Facebook group British Veterinary Professionals for Ukraine after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Its aim is to organise and distribute donations of medicine and medical supplies to the Ukrainian front line.

Despite being in operation since only March 1, there are already more than 1000 members. Babchuk started the group after seeing that the Ukrainian Medical Association (UMA) was calling for medical supplies, and thought that veterinarians would be able to help, too.

She said that the group had been inundated with offers of help.

Several veterinary schools including the Royal Veterinary College are also helping out as drop-off points for supplies, which are being collected by the UMA.

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