Horse Sport Ireland adds “One Good Coach” course to its stable

Horse Sport Ireland's new ‘One Good Coach’ resource aims to help coaches and volunteers upskill to support young people’s mental health through the delivery of equestrian sport.
Horse Sport Ireland’s new ‘One Good Coach’ is aimed at those who coach or train young people.

Horse Sport Ireland has launched a new eLearning course in collaboration with youth mental health charity Jigsaw.

The new ‘One Good Coach’ resource has been created to help coaches and equestrian volunteers upskill to support young people’s mental health through the delivery of equestrian sport.

While it is widely known that participation in sport has many positive benefits to mental and physical health, there is also overwhelming evidence that the rates of anxiety and depression amongst young people have increased in recent years.

The free One Good Coach course, which has also been adopted by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA), the Camogie Association, and Swim Ireland, offers participants a greater understanding of mental health and of the importance of their role as “One Good Adult”.

The online course, which will be incorporated into the HSI’s continuous professional development programme for accredited coaches, will also be made available to affiliates and volunteers within the sport horse industry. Upon completion, participants will have a greater awareness of how to promote and support young peoples’ mental health in their role as coach.

HSI Interim Head of Breeding, Innovation and Development Sonja Egan said Horse Sport Ireland recognised the importance of encouraging good mental health practices within the equestrian community.

“We believe that the ‘One Good Coach’ course will be a fantastic resource not only to enhance the HSI Coaching programmes, but to also encourage more open discussion on the importance of mental health in equestrianism.

“This new course will help to raise awareness of the challenges our young equestrians face while providing coaches, volunteers and parents with the information needed to seek further support,” Egan said.

Horse Sport Ireland encouraged all equestrian coaches, parents, and volunteers to participate in this new initiative as a start to promoting better mental health and wellbeing within the sport horse industry.

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