New wild horse documentary series an “epic and honest tale”


Mustangs & Renegades, a documentary series about the plight of wild horses and burros on North America’s rangelands, is airing free on the Rumble platform.

The fourth episode of the series A Modern Day Western, above, features wildlife ecologist Craig Downer, who talks about his Reserve Design, also known as re-wilding, which provides for self-stabilising wildlife populations through programs that help return the natural flourishing ecosystems of the past.

Also featured in this episode is rancher Jim Kennett, actor Daryl Hannah, musician Neil Young, and Lakota Water Protectors, a group of are activists, organizers, and cultural workers focused on the defense of the world’s water and water systems.

Mustangs & Renegades is described as “an epic and honest tale of activism, passion and perseverance” documenting “a complex web of events woven into the Heart of the American West”. It has been created by filmmaker James Anaquad, who has documented the round-up and removal of wild horses for the past a 19 years.

» All of the episodes can be viewed here.

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