Manure happens: Webinar explores diarrhoea in the horse

Veterinary webinar "Equine diarrhoea – s**t happens" looks at both acute and chronic diarrhoea in the horse, and its treatment.
Image by Manfred Richter

The WebinarVet’s latest equine webinar offering looks at diarrhoea in the horse.

“Equine diarrhoea – s**t happens” on January 19 from 8pm (GMT) will cover a logical approach to considering the possible differential diagnoses in both acute and chronic diarrhoea.

Presented by Veronica Roberts, the pre-recorded webinar covers the main underlying causes, the tests to take to help determine the cause and the tests to take to determine the severity of systemic illness

Treatment in the field for appropriate cases will be covered and then briefly, what can be offered in a hospital situation.

The webinar can be pre-ordered for £24.99 minus tax, and is free for WebinarVet members.

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