Webinar: Core conditioning and kissing spine in horses

Trainer and equine biomechanics expert Visconte Simon Cocozza.
Trainer and equine biomechanics expert Visconte Simon Cocozza.

Author and trainer Simon Cocozza will talk about core conditioning and rehabilitation exercises for horses in a webinar presented by HorseTribe next week.

Cocozza, who wrote the hugely popular articles How to help your horse kiss ‘Kissing Spine’ goodbye and Revealed: The secret to getting your horse on the bit, naturally, and the book Core Conditioning for Horses, specialises in the successful rehabilitation of horses with kissing spine.

In the webinar, Cocozza will share the rationale for his methodology. Building on his approach to core conditioning, he will explain how to use simple rehabilitation exercises to improve the horse’s posture and rid them of pain.

This includes how to:

  • Decompress the topline
  • Separate the pinching processes
  • Retrain the horse’s posture
  • Return the spine to correct alignment

His goal is to give every horse the chance to work happily and comfortably.

To take part in the webinar, first, join HorseTribe and then

» Register for “Kiss Goodbye to Kissing Spine” on January 13 at 7.30pm (GMT).

It is free to join HorseTribe, and each webinar is £5.95 and can be watched later on-demand at any time. Gold membership to HorseTribe is £5.95 a month, which gives access to all webinars for free.

Visconte Simon Cocozza is a trainer and specialist in equine biomechanics based in Wiltshire in England. Born in Italy, Simon was introduced to horses by his mother who was an instructor and ran a yard. He enjoyed the usual pony club activities from the age of three, following in his Italian cavalry officer relatives’ footsteps.

After studying under the British Horse Society system as a junior instructor, Simon then headed to Warwickshire College where he completed an advanced instructor’s course and equine business management degree. He then worked for equestrian centres in London before moving to Europe and training under Dutch, German and French grand prix riders where he also trained young dressage and showjumping horses. During this time, he became the first non-French person to pass the French state qualification and is now an examiner for the Fédération Française d’Equitation (FFE).

Simon spent 10 years teaching all over Europe and the US, focussing on biomechanics, about which he wrote best-selling book Core Conditioning for Horses, and specialises in problem-solving equine posture.

He now runs a yard training people up to grand prix and solving equine biomechanical issues. He has a keen interest in working equitation which, in his own words is “a bit like gymkhanas for adults”.



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