Andrew McLean to share tips on helping horses learn

Animal behaviour guru Dr Andrew McLean will share learning theory insights in a webinar next week.
Animal behaviour guru Dr Andrew McLean will share learning theory insights in a webinar next week.

A webinar hosted by equine behaviour expert Dr Andrew McLean will look at learning theory in horses and how it can lead to more efficient and humane training.

The webinar Help your horse learn by asking in a way they understand will look at how horses learn and what it means for riders. It is the latest in a series presented by HorseTribe, an initiative of equestrian festival HorseFest.

McLean is a passionate and compassionate horseman, who is keen to share his knowledge about the use of learning theory in order to benefit the welfare of horses. In the second of a series of three webinars, McLean will explore how understanding learning theory in horses can lead to more efficient and humane training. He believes that each horse has varying sensitivity levels and preferences and the importance of being predictable and consistent as a rider is very important to them.

During the webinar, he will help viewers:

  • Understand and use different types of reinforcement (operant conditioning) to train our horses
  • Learn how to diagnose why things go wrong
  • Know how to adjust our aids so that they are more effective and understood by the horse

To take part in the webinar, first, join HorseTribe and then

» register for “Help your horse learn by asking in a way they understand” on December 2 at 8.30pm (GMT).

It is free to join HorseTribe, and each webinar is £5.95 and can be watched later on-demand at any time. Gold membership to HorseTribe is £5.95 a month, which gives access to all webinars for free.

About the host

Co-director of Equitation Science International and winner of the Australian Eureka Prize for Science, Andrew McLean developed and manages the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, specialising in horse training and behaviour modification.

Andrew holds a PhD in equine cognition and learning, has been an accredited riding coach for more than 30 years and has written numerous books and authored 35 peer-reviewed journals. Andrew has lectured at The University of Tasmania for 11 years and has written five distance-education books on Cell biology and Genetics.

A past winner of the Advanced class at the Gawler Three-Day-Event, he has also represented Australia in eventing, been short-listed for World Championships, and competed in FEI level dressage and eventing, has showjumped to Grand Prix level and held a Racehorse owner-trainer licence.

In great demand as a trainer, coach and speaker, Andrew conducts lecture demonstrations around the world and teaches throughout Australia, Europe, South Africa, USA, Canada, and New Zealand. Andrew continues to coach riders and National Federations on the optimal use of learning theory for improved welfare. 

Outside of work, Andrew is currently learning Spanish and keeps pigeons. He lives in South Eastern Australia on the Mornington peninsula.

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