Arabian horse novel Prince Ali free to read online

Read the first 15 chapters of "Prince Ali" free online. A new chapter is available each week.
Read the first 15 chapters of Prince Ali free online (link below). A new chapter is available each week.

The first 15 chapters of a book about an arabian horse named Prince Ali are available to read for free on the Readers & Writers Book Club.

Made available by Wonder Horse Books, the story is the first in a series about “Arabian Wonder Horses and those who love them”.  Written by and Nancy Perez, chapters from Prince Ali are added each week.

“Prince Ali had everything: talent, charisma, and a devoted best friend, Becky Howard.

“He won every time he set a hoof in a show ring. He garnered more fans from personal and TV appearances. Becky was with him every step of the way, even riding him in the Swallows Day Parade in their hometown, San Juan Capistrano.

“Disaster struck when two thugs put Becky in a coma, drugged him and dragged Prince Ali off to sell for diabolical purposes. When their buyer realized who Ali was, he nixed the deal. That landed the pampered show horse high in the mountains in late March.

“One night, a week later, he discovered the corral gate unlatched. Prince Ali mustered every ounce of strength, courage, and stamina he had to walk into the wilderness searching for the best friend he couldn’t live without.”

» Read the first 15 chapters here, or buy from Amazon.

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