Footage of horses hamming it up sought for equine behaviour video

Equine Science Talk is seeking footage of horses doing innovative things to feature on a new video.
Photo by Geraint Rowland Photography

The folks behind the video channel Equine Science Talk are seeking footage of horses showing “innovative behaviour” for a new video.

It follows their latest study Need or opportunity? A study of innovations in equine, which was published earlier this year.

They’re seeking videos of behaviour not shown by horses in the natural environment. “It could be opening doors, gates or fences, scratching themselves with ‘unusual’ techniques, novel feeding behavior, cooperating with humans in unusual ways, kicking apple trees to get apples, in fact, any behavior which appears to be ‘unusual’ and creative,” the team says.

The final video will feature the latest three studies from the team, including the above and Horses’ (Equus Caballus) laterality, stress hormones, and task related behavior in innovative problem-solving, and Animal behaviour in a human world: A crowdsourcing study on horses that open door and gate mechanisms.

The video will be featured on the Equine Science Talk International channel, run by Germany’s first professor of equine science and specialist in horse behaviour and cognition, Konstanze Krüger, horse trainer and instructor Isabell Marr, and veterinarian and equine dentist Laureen Esch.

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