Calgary’s senior Hartmann’s zebra mare “Aunt Chela” dies at 22

Health issues and age caught up with Hartmann's mountain zebra mare Chela.
Health issues and age caught up with Hartmann’s mountain zebra mare Chela. © Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo’s 22-year-old Hartmann’s mountain zebra mare Chela has succumbed to ongoing health issues, including arthritis and chronic laminitis.

Her caregivers had provided her with the best possible care and support, but she became less responsive to pain therapy, corrective hoof trimming and other medical management, the zoo said.

“For this reason, the Animal Care, Health and Welfare Team (ACHW) made the difficult but compassionate decision to euthanize her.

“With a median life expectancy of 15.2 years, Chela was considered a senior for her species for quite some time.

“Chela was such a well-mannered and sweet zebra. She has been considered ‘Aunt Chela’ as she was often left with the colts while the moms wandered off, so she helped raise them. She would take them under her wing and tolerated their juvenile ways very well.

“Chela lived an exceptionally long and wonderful life with us; a testament to the exemplary care she received from the ACHW team. She was known for her sweet personality and will be dearly missed.”

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