Webinar: Riding from the anatomical perspective


The second in a series of online lecture demonstrations in a series from Horses Inside Out looks at how the rider affects the horse.

“Riding from the Anatomical Perspective” will look at the changes that occur within the horse’s body, posture and movement when the weight of the rider is added.

“We will consider riding in harmony, rider position and balance, the timing of the aids and ridden exercises that you can do to maintain and improve your horse’s posture,” says Horses Inside Out founder Gillian Higgins.

Tickets for each are £20, or £60 to attend the complete series of four, concluding in December. The day after the webinar, a link is sent to enable viewing for the next week.

Certificates of Participation will be issued after the webinar, which can contribute to participants’ BHS CPD. Contact gillian@horsesinsideout.com for more on this.

Registrations for episode 2 have closed but the series can be watched through the Horses Inside Out Academy.


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