Webinar to delve into moulds, mycotoxins and atypical myopathy

The first post-EEHNC webinar is on "Moulds, Mycotoxins & Atypical Myopathy".

Follow-up sessions in the form of webinars on equine health topics are being offered following the 10th European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress (EEHNC).

The first, “Moulds, Mycotoxins & Atypical Myopathy”, is scheduled for September 30. It start with a presentation from Cecilia Müller from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, on wrapped forages: “Moulds and mycotoxins in wrapped forages for horses: can we not only analyze the hygienic quality but also prevent the presence of moulds and mycotoxins?”

Dominique Votion from the University of Liège will present on “Prevention strategies to reduce the risk of atypical myopathy resulting from sycamore intoxication”, and finally there is a multidisciplinary panel discussion with experts Meriel Moore-Colyer, Emmanuelle van Erck and Emanuela Valle.

Registration for “Moulds, Mycotoxins & Atypical Myopathy” is €105, though all three follow-up sessions can be bought together for a discounted price.


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