On-demand equine business course offered for free

Equine Guelph's Equine Business 101 is free until September 20 for those looking to improve their business acumen to start their professional careers in the horse industry or take their current operations to the next level.
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An online course on equine business is proving popular with equestrians around the world, and will be free until September 20.

More than 900 students are already working through the new on-demand, online course, Equine Business 101. The self-paced course takes from 20 to 30 hours to complete.

The course was launched in June by Canada’s Equine Guelph to help students improve their business acumen to start their professional careers in the horse industry or take their current operations to the next level.

Three discussion groups — Taking Care of Business, Marketing and Communications, and Future Planning — are full of helpful advice. Continued access to the boards will be available for a year after students complete the course.

Videos shared throughout the eight units range from the skills needed to run an equestrian facility to reality checks, problem-solving and making tough decisions. Professionals who have “been there and done that” candidly share their inspirational stories and cautionary tales. They describe choices that were key to their success and decisions they would reconsider with the benefit of hindsight so you can avoid some of the common pitfalls. Participants will learn why customers will choose to employ them and how they can continue to build a great team and attract and retain staff.

Topics covered in the course include risk management, value propositions and creating that all-important business plan.

Strategies are being shared for launching an equine business and creating an equine business plan. There is a place to brainstorm ways to get creative with marketing and consider unique promotional ideas to help you plan your first events. The importance of networking is among the discussion points and how to grow your business with future planning is a really hot topic.

Equine Guelph director Gayle Ecker said the new course arose out of the interest in better understand the business of managing and/or starting an equine facility.  “With students enrolled from all across Canada and around the globe, there will be diverse take-aways for all kinds of different facilities.”

The Equine Business 101 course is one of three courses offered in the Equine Facility Management Certificate, on TheHorsePortal.ca. Students completing Horse Care and Welfare (2 weeks), Sickness Prevention in Horses (2 weeks), and Equine Business 101 will be eligible for the new Equine Facility Management Certificate.

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