Free mags: Latest issue of Chronicle of the Horse, Untacked


View the May 3 and 10 issue of the hronicle of the Horse.Free access is being offered to the May 3 and 10 issue of equestrian magazine The Chronicle of the Horse (COTH) and the summer issue of Untacked.

Equestrian lifestyle magazine Untacked is a supplement of COTH and both are being made available through a special partnership with the Upperville Colt & Horse Show.

Articles in the Chronicle include 4 Ways For USEF to lower the cost of horse showing; A look at a new procedure to cure chronic tendon pain; Free Rein with Dan Carr; competition wraps and results, and an NCEA National Championship Photo Gallery.

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View the Summer 2021 issue of Untacked.Untacked travels to Easter Island for a feature on the horses of Rapa Nui; there’s a profile of photographer Kit Houghton; Warrior Training with celebrity guru Ruben Mahboobi; Stepping back in time on Mackinac Island; a look at the heart of Phoenix, and more.

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