Horses and heat: Free online series on coping with heat and humidity


The FEI has released the first three parts of a series on preparing and competing horses in hot and humid climates.

Developed by the FEI in collaboration with medical and veterinary experts, the eight-part animated Beat the Heat series provides tips for both human and equine athletes, as well as all members of the community who are also required to travel and work/perform in hot and humid environments.

The episodes released so far:

Episode 1 – Equestrian Sport in hot and humid environments: provides an important introduction to heat and humidity and how this affects humans and horses.

Episode 2 – Equine preparation at home: A good preparation is key to a great competition for your horse, and when heat and humidity are part of the equation, this becomes even more crucial. Learn how to handle acclimatisation, nutrition and cooling techniques for optimal results with your horse.

Episode 3 – Self-preparation: It’s not only the horses that will be greatly affected by heat and humidity. As an athlete, official, volunteer or staff member, you will also be exposed to these very challenging climatic conditions and will need to prepare accordingly. This episode introduces viewers to the three main techniques to master while still at home, in order to get ready for competition: acclimatisation, hydration, and cooling.

The series can be viewed on FEI Campus; registration is not required.

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