Equestrian world unites to pay tribute to Prince Philip

Prince Philip in action during his carriage driving heyday.
Prince Philip in action during his carriage driving heyday. © Royal Windsor Horse Show

An online condolence book for the equestrian world to pay tribute to Prince Philip has been created by the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, died on April 9 at the age of 99.

Prince Philip was the president of the Royal Windsor Horse Show (RWHS) for 30 years, and competed at the highest level in polo and carriage driving. He was the longest-serving FEI President (1964-1986), introduced carriage driving as a discipline, and used his engineering interest to develop state-of-the-art carriages for competition. His design for the bendy pole is still used today. Elsewhere, his genuine and engaged patronage of the Pony Club encouraged youth involvement in horse sport at a grassroots level.

The RWHS intends that its book of condolence The Horse World Remembers – an Equestrian Tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh will form the platform for collective memories and tributes, and “celebrate and commemorate the life of a remarkable man”.

The Queen will be presented with a physical copy of the book containing selected messages from the online contributions, and a Puissance Wall wrapped in some of the contributions will be a feature of the next Royal Windsor Horse Show, from July 1 to 4.

Show director Simon Brooks‐Ward said the Duke played such an important role in the equestrian world that it was important to create “a lasting memory of his extraordinary life”.

Brooks-Ward encouraged all of those who have been influenced by the Duke to add their voice to the tributes, “and celebrate his contribution to our sport”.

“During a time when we may not be able to pay tribute in person, The Horse World Remembers will provide a way to celebrate and commemorate the life of a remarkable man — available to all online who wish to pay their respects,” Brooks-Ward said.

Prince Philip (1921-2021)
Prince Philip (1921-2021) © Royal Windsor Horse Show

“Please feel free to write whatever comes to your mind. It could be personal, it could be reflective, it could be joyous or it could be a message to His Royal Highness to thank him for his contribution to the horse world.

“Your message could be anonymous or not, it is up to you – photographs, stories, condolences and thoughts are all welcome. We also encourage you to share this opportunity with your society members and friends in the equestrian community.”

The book of condolence will stay active for four weeks until May 11.



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