Free webinar delves into the process of buying a new horse


Buying a new horse is an exciting experience, but there are plenty of traps to avoid. A free webinar on the topic aims to help prepare buyers through the process.

There are a lot of pitfalls that even the most experienced of buyers can fall into, but in the webinar “Buying a horse – traps for the unwary”, leading equine vet Ben Mayes, and World Horse Welfare Investigator Allison Williment, cover several important topics, starting with making sure that the horse you buy is suitable for you and your facilities.

The webinar is part of World Horse Welfare’s Welfare Wednesday series. There are several points for buyers to consider before making any decision or engaging a vet to do a pre-purchase examination. Is a pre-purchase examination advisable and what are the merits between 2-stage vs 5-stage pre-purchase examinations? Having made the decision what are your obligations around your animal’s welfare as a horse owner?


Ben Mayes
Ben Mayes

Ben Mayes is a partner in a five-vet equine veterinary practice on the Surrey/West Sussex border. He is a true equine general practitioner, with clients from all disciplines of equine sport and is equally happy with routine call outs or out of hours surgery. Ben joined the British Equine Veterinary Association Council in 2006 and since then he has headed up the welfare portfolio, Safer Horse Rescues, insurance matters, and the New Grad programme, as well as chairing BEVA’s policy committee and Board of Trustees and being President of the Association in 2012. Ben was a Gamesmaker vet at the equestrian events at London 2012, and he is a trustee of the research charity, the Animal Welfare Foundation, a member of the Advisory Board for the University of Surrey’s Veterinary School, and a vice-president of the Federation of European Equine Veterinary Associations (FEEVA).


Allison Williment
Allison Williment

Allison Williment started work at World Horse Welfare in 2005, initially as a Field Officer and then as an Investigator. She started her career with horses as a working pupil at a riding school and, after gaining her BHSAI, she worked in dressage, hunting, eventing, dealing, and livery yards. Allison then went on to work as a freelance instructor, finally working with police horses for five years, during which time she also gained a degree in law. Before working for World Horse Welfare, Allison worked for a local authority and a government agency.

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