Taking steps to help horses a big success

The three Stepping Out finalists.
The three Stepping Out finalists.

More than 4 million steps were taken as a part of last month’s Equus Foundation Stepping Out for America’s Horses campaign, raising awareness and funds for horses in need of homes.

More than $US30,000 was raised in association with the inaugural campaign, including more than $US14,000 in direct support of 32 adoptable horses featured on the Equus Foundation Next Chapters platform, which connects prospective adoptees directly with organizations that have horses ready for adoption. Participants took a total of 4,217,000 steps.

Renata Solomou raised the most funds, with her 50,000 steps bringing in $1825 on behalf of Venezuelan Beauty, followed by Jenny Belknap raising $1325 for 50,000 steps for Half Pint, and Erika Sherman raising $900 in 30,000 steps for Bonita.

The inaugural campaign was sponsored by Boston Private and the Woodson Family.

“We didn’t know what to expect but are thrilled with the results. We owe special thanks to our Professional, Amateur, and Junior Equestrian Athletes who dramatically expanded our reach,” said Lynn Coakley, Equus Foundation President.

The final results of the Stepping Out campaign are here.

Those taking part set a personal goal for the number of steps they pledge to take by walking, running, riding or other activities. They then chose a horse to fundraise for.

While there was no registration fee, those taking part were encouraged to join the foundation’s #HorseProtector campaign with a donation of their choice.


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