Canadian zoo welcomes new Grevy’s zebra foal


More than 8500 people voted in a competition to name the latest Grevy’s Zebra foal to be born at Toronto Zoo in Canada.

The youngster, born on December 1 to Jake and Tori, has been given the name “Poe”.

Poe was chosen through online voting from a list of four preselected names, in keeping with the zoo’s tradition of naming  Grevy’s zebra offspring after Star Wars-inspired names. Previous zebra foals have been named Luke, Leia, Rey and Obi.

Poe weighed 52.1kg at birth and he is the fourth foal from Tori, who is 10, and the fifth for Jake, who is 13. Poe has been born as part of the Grevy’s Zebra Species Survival Plan (SSP), and will help to increase Jake’s underrepresented genetics within the population.

Poe is the latest Grevy's zebra foal to be born at Toronto Zoo.
Poe is the latest Grevy’s zebra foal to be born at Toronto Zoo. © Toronto Zoo

The Grevy’s zebra has been listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN) for decades. Habitat loss, competition with livestock, and poaching are their primary threats.

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