Free webinar on emergency equine first aid


Do you know what to do in an equine medical emergency? Find out in Preparing for an emergency — equine first aid.

In the latest webinar hosted by World Horse Welfare, horse vet Chris Tuffnell and vet nurse Chris Shaw look at what to do and what not to do in an emergency and teach horse owners how to assess an equine emergency quickly and accurately, and how to manage stressful situations.

Knowing when to call the vet and applying effective first aid can be the key to success or failure when a horse has an injury. Their presentation coverer common emergencies such as wounds, bleeding, and fractures.

They discuss how horse owners can manage a wound while waiting for the vet to arrive, and which wounds are serious and which ones will probably resolve without veterinary help. If the wound has something embedded in it, should you leave it in or take it out? That question is answered as well as how to tell if your horse might have a fracture and what to do while you’re waiting for the vet.

Finally, Tuffnell and Shaw tell you what you should – and should not – have in your first aid kit.


Chris Tuffnell
Chris Tuffnell

Chris Tuffnell runs an independent equine and companion animal veterinary practice in Berkshire. Following a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Science from Newcastle University, Chris worked for a year in Zambia before returning to study for a veterinary degree at Glasgow University. After graduating he worked in mixed practice in Herefordshire before moving to West Berkshire to a predominantly equine practice.

Chris was previously President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and has been a Council member since 2009. He was Chair of the Royal Agricultural Society and Trustee of Innovation for Agriculture between 2017 and 2020.

Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw joined World Horse Welfare as a Field Officer in 2014, having previously worked for the RSPCA as an Inspector and Equine Officer. Before moving to the charity sector, Chris spent six years working in veterinary practices as a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) and two years as an international showjumping groom, a job in which he was responsible for the wellbeing of Grade A show jumpers, stallions, broodmares, and foals. In addition to his frontline work responding to animal welfare concerns, Chris set up a successful project that brought equine charities and agencies together to provide essential health services to horses in need, and he has attended numerous equestrian events, including Appleby Horse Fair and Equifest, in a professional capacity. Chris currently chairs the National Equine Welfare Council meetings in the Midlands region of England.

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