Horse rescue workshops a sellout, but more on the way

Equine Guelph is offering an online introduction to Large Animal Rescue.
Equine Guelph is offering an online introduction to Large Animal Rescue. © Dr Susan Raymond/Equine Guelph

An overwhelming response to its upcoming Large Animal Emergency Rescue Workshop has meant Canada’s Equine Guelph has had to set up a waiting list for the next offering of the course.

The workshop is being held virtually for the first time, on March 4 and March 11. Course sizes have been kept to under 30 participants to allow for a better experience for those taking part.

Those taking part will receive an introduction to Large Animal Rescue equipment and techniques, as well as livestock behaviour and handling. These 90 minute online sessions provide an introduction to best practices for mitigating both handler and animal risk for successful rescues and provide a foundation for future hands-on practical training.

The virtual workshop is being offered in partnership with Farm & Food Care Ontario. It is intended for first responders, pre-service, law enforcement, animal control officers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, emergency animal response teams, horse owners, livestock producers and associations. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

In today’s society, responding to incidents involving animals is both an expectation and an acknowledgment that such incidents will likely involve people putting themselves and others at risk. All large animal incidents regardless of cause or scope, present a risk of injury to responders.

“Education, awareness, and planning are key to minimizing risk,” says Victor MacPherson, Lead Instructor, Equine Guelph Large Animal Rescue and Farm & Food Care Ontario Livestock Emergency Response.

“These can be achieved by your awareness training of livestock incidents, following the PLAN method, and knowing your resources. Proper use of specialized equipment and positioning of webbing around the body of the animal is so important to the positive outcome of lifting or dragging a large animal to safety.”

The workshop fee is $C50+hst.

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