Foaling and foal care course on offer to mare owners

Photo by Fabien Maurin

Colorado State University is offering a course on foaling and foal care for horse owners as part of its continuing education program.

The Foaling and Foal Care course is designed to provide owners, broodmare managers and foaling attendants an overview of normal foaling, dystocia, routine care of the newborn foal and other important topics.

The overall goal is to provide personnel that will be responsible for attending pregnant mares through the birth process with guidelines for normal events, when to call for additional on-farm help and when to call for veterinary assistance.

Course instructors are equine reproduction specialists Dr Patrick McCue and Dr Jennifer Hatze.

The course is $US50, and the lectures will be available for viewing 24 hours per day, 7 days per week until further notice.

Those registering will receive a link to download additional course reference material, and can send questions by email. A Certificate of Completion will be emailed at the completion of the course.

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Two other related courses are also available:

The Problem Mare will provide a broad review of reproductive issues in the non-pregnant mare. It will give an overview of techniques for reproductive evaluation of the problem mare and subsequently transition to discussions of issues with ovarian function, oviductal problems, uterine abnormalities, and related problems.

The Pregnant Mare: Diagnosis, Complications and Dystocia explores pregnancy diagnosis, problems of early pregnancy, management of twins, complications of mid to late-term pregnancy, care of the pregnant mare, prediction of foaling, normal foaling, induction of labor, evaluation and management of dystocia and complications of the post-partum mare including options for management of retained fetal membranes.

These courses are $US135 each.


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